What to Expect When You’re Inspected

Having a home inspection can be stressful, but knowing the process may help you relax.

By Andy Broomhead, Copperhead Home Inspections

What I Do:

  • I visually inspect the home and its major components for safety issues, material defects, and items likely to fail.
  • I advocate for my client. I am hired to give them a comprehensive evaluation of their potential purchase.
  • I will inspect and operate various systems in the house. If possible, I will walk the roof, open the main electrical service panel, open HVAC access panels, enter the attic/basement/crawlspace, and run certain appliances through their cycles.
  • I will deliver a digital report that my clients will use to make important decisions in the purchase process.

What I don’t do:

  • I don’t have any interest in personal belongings, so there is no need to clean everything out before the inspection.
  • I am not going to cause any damage. The inspection is non-invasive.  However, if there are existing issues (a toilet that overflows, a broken garage door, etc.), tell me or your Realtor about them.  I certainly don’t want to damage anything further.
  • I am not issuing a recommendation on whether or not my client purchases the home.
  • I am not issuing any “pass/fail” judgments (nor do I have the authority to do so).
  • I am not doing a “code” inspection, and I will not cite code anywhere in my report.


What you can do to ensure a smooth inspection:

  • Have a pre-listing inspection done. You can get ahead of any issues that may delay your closing.
  • Move certain items if they are blocking access to major components. If I can’t access it, I can’t inspect it.
  • Have the washer, dryer, and dishwasher empty. I won’t run those items if they are full. I don’t want to shrink anyone’s favorite jeans!
  • Try to be flexible in scheduling. Allow your buyers some extra time at the home.  Most of the time they are measuring for furniture, thinking about room layouts, and generally assuming ownership.  This is a good thing for you!
  • Relax.  Selling a home can be stressful.  The inspection doesn’t have to be.